Syntax Test Cases
The following is a list of example cases of Empyrean syntax. It is intended to demonstrate sentence structure.


1The sun shines.L xeinec i saci.
2The sun is shining.L xeinec i saci.
3The sun shone.L xeinec u sacu.
4The sun will shine.L xeinec fie e saci.
5The sun has been shining.L xeinec ce u saci.
6The sun is shining again.L xeinec i saci wni.
7The sun will shine tomorrow.L xeinec fie e saci uljonarc.
8The sun shines brightly.L xeinec i saci lamarc.
9The bright sun shines.L xeinec lamar i saci.
10The sun is rising now.L xeinec i soni ax.
11All the people shouted.Elu w l crilexya u arelnu.
12Some of the people shouted.Ic w l crilexya u arelnu.
13Many of the people shouted twice.Ili w l crilexya u arelnu xw xeyecya.
14Happy people often shout.Crilexya senxar irelcarc i arelni.
15The dragon jumped up.L crexec u exolec sic.
16The dragon jumped over the building.L crexec u exolec ox l remec.
17My happy dragon walked away.Esei crexec senxar u lenu nwrem.
18It's raining.Eli i luxi.
19The rain came down.L lux u xoxu mal.
20The dragon is playing in the rain.L crexec i nolci fri l lux.
21The rain has stopped.L lux ce u sili.
22Soon the rain will stop.Rim l lux rie e sili.
23I hope the rain stops soon.Es i xeni yw l luxec rie e sili rim.
24Once various meetings happened here.Eni aclesecya licar u xu im.
25Apparently she looked around.Sonxarc eri u yesu fac.
26Go away!ˇYi nwrem!
27Let's go!ˇHi esya yi!
28You should go.Wl hie e yi.
29I will be happy to go.Es rie e i senxar s ye.
30He will leave soon.Eri rie e exlesi rim.

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